Benefits of Propane

Propane is one of the most versatile sources of energy in the world today.Among propane’s many benefits is that it burns cleanly and efficiently making it one of the most environmentally friendly fuel sources and is exceptionally reliable and more comfortable than electricity. Combining the versatility of propane with the innovation of Sharp Energy’s Community Gas Systems™ (CGS) Propane Distribution Systems creates limitless possibilities for developers, builders and homeowners alike.

With propane, consumers are no longer limited to simply cooking and space heating, but instead can enjoy a variety of innovative uses around the home year round. From backyard products, such as fireplaces and grills, to pool heaters and patio heaters, propane can be used in any weather and any season. This provides builders with an opportunity to offer more gas-compatible appliances to customers. Click here to request a list of our preferred vendors.

Propane produces more than 130 degrees Fahrenheit of warmth compared to the 94 degrees of warmth produced by electric air-source heat pumps, heating homes with more consistent warmth. Propane-fueled furnaces have a significantly longer lifespan than an electric heat pump, and will last for up to 20 years. If a propane backup generator is installed, consumers can even have heat during a power outage.

CGS™ Propane Distribution Systems enables builders and developers to extend the benefits of gas to customers beyond the natural gas mains – providing a flexible, innovative solution to meet their needs.

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