Innovative Technology

Sharp Energy takes pride in going above and beyond to ensure quality and reliable service to its customers. Sharp implements innovative methods to ensure your system requirements will exceed your customers’ expectations, including:

  • Pressure Monitoring – If the pressure in the CGS™ Propane Distribution Systems tanks rise too high or drop too low, Sharp’s pressure monitoring system immediately notifies Sharp personnel so they can address the pressure levels, decreasing the chance of service interruption. This ensures the integrity of the system and provides you with peace of mind that comes from our innovative technology.
  • Tank Level Monitoring – This unique, satellite-based system is an “insurance policy” protecting customers from gas outages. We monitor the level of propane to ensure there is an adequate capacity of propane stored in the tanks. Tank level monitoring allows for a more efficient fuel delivery system and cost savings we pass along to our customers.
  • Water Bath Vaporizers – Sharp uses a water bath to heat liquid propane allowing the substance to vaporize quicker at higher volume. Water bath vaporizers are designed to provide more constant pressure and a better control of the propane vaporization process. The innovative design of these water bath vaporizers are much safer than direct fired vaporizers resulting in a more dependable unit with a longer life span.
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