Installation and Maintenance


Sharp Energy’s veteran staff is committed to the safety of their customers and ensures that each Community Gas System™ (CGS) Propane Distribution Systems is built and installed to meet exact pipeline safety standards. We cater to your needs and work closely with you and your land development team and engineers to build an innovative solution that exceeds your expectations. Every Sharp employee is trained to adhere to the highest professional standards as outlined by Sharp and mandated by the United States Department of Transportation’s Office of Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration.
Sharp Energy works with your land development staff and engineers to ensure gas lines are in a safe location, away from other utilities and away from environmentally-sensitive areas. We work with your team to fit our CGS™ Propane Distribution Systems design into your development.

Tank Installation

Sharp takes special care to ensure that all tanks are installed level and properly sized. All of the Sharp underground connections are welded schedule 80 pipes for added strength and durability.

Sharp installs storage facilities to allow half of the tanks to be shut down while the other half continue to service the community. This ensures no interruption in service to your community when Sharp is servicing the CGS™ Propane Distribution Systems tanks. Additionally, each regulator run is redundant — composed of two individual regulators, so that if one should fail, the other would serve as a back-up.

Underground pipelines

Sharp exceeds the minimum required depth of installation so that gas lines are at safe distances below ground after final grading. Ditch tape is installed to warn contractors and homeowners that lines are present, which prevents service disruption. In order to minimize the escape of gas — should a service line be cut or damaged, Sharp installs excess flow valves for homebuyers’ safety.


Meter bars are used to provide a sturdier installation and ease of maintenance, and risers are secured to a home’s foundation for appearance and safety. All piping is painted green to match surrounding landscaping and to minimize rust and corrosion. We work with builders to locate meters in a code compliant and aesthetically pleasing location.


Once your project is complete, our Sharp Energy DOT-certified gas professionals will operate and maintain your system efficiently and cost-effectively. Our certified technicians and trade contractors are on site regularly to perform scheduled checks, leak surveys, and plant inspections to ensure proper maintenance and safety of the CGS™ Propane Distribution Systems system. If a repair is needed, our certified technicians or qualified trade contractors are just a call away.

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