Customer Service Policy

We may require a prepayment. The prepayment will be held for a two year period after which it will be returned to you provided your account status is in good standing. Refund of the prepayment is not automatic, you must request a refund.

Service Termination Policy

Sharp Energy may disconnect service for any of the following reasons with or without prior notice:

With prior notice:
As in a case of impending termination of service, Sharp will send a printed disconnect notice by first class mail to the customer’s billing address in which the account is held. This process usually allows the customer seven days to respond before disconnection. Upon notice, we may disconnect service for non-payment of bills. Payment is due upon receipt of Invoice. Late fees will be assessed on any balance over 30 days.

Without prior notice:

  • If Sharp Energy personnel find hazardous conditions pertaining to Sharp Energy equipment or service on the customer’s property.
  • If tampering or unauthorized use of service is found with Sharp Energy’s property or equipment.
  • If an invalid check is used for payment to restore service or to satisfy a disconnect notice.

Disconnecting Service:
Service is typically disconnected during normal working hours Monday through Friday.

Reconnection Charges:
Charges for reconnection may apply.

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