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    Our Commitment to NEW Customers!

    It’s easy to start saving with the Sharp Energy Smart Club… Just contact your local office to sign-up. Smart Club benefits begin immediately.

    Has your propane usage been too low to take full advantage of Sharp Energy’s Pro Cap Price Protection Plan? Now there is a program that allows you to cut your propane costs, too. Designed specifically for customers who heat their houses with a fuel other than propane, your Smart Club membership entitles you to the following benefits:

    • Smart Pricing — You’ll pay only Sharp’s lowest residential price of propane for all of your propane needs for the whole year!
    • Price Security – You’ll know that as a Sharp Energy Smart Club member, you’re paying the very lowest residential price for your propane.
    • Automatic Delivery – You’ll never have to worry about running out!
    • Great Customer Service – Just as you expect from Sharp Energy.

    The Sharp Energy Smart Club helps to protect you when the weather is cold and the prices are high. For just one annual fee (based on the size and number of propane tanks you have), you’ll receive all of your propane for one year at our lowest residential price! This is a significant discount from today’s retail propane price. To find out what your discount may be, call your local office today.

    For additional information, or download our printable brochure here

    No wonder we call it the SMART Club!

  • Pro-Cap Price Protection PlanOpen or Close

    As Delmarva’s leading supplier of propane, we believe we are the only company in the area with the resources to offer true price protection. You won’t find a better program anywhere else on the Peninsula! When you sign up for Sharp Energy’s ProCAP, your price per-gallon price will never rise above the cap price, even when cold weather or other factors drive market prices up. Plus, if market prices drop below the cap price, you pay the lower price. We guarantee it! The ProCAP Price Protection begins September 1st and runs through April 30th. An annual enrollment fee ensures that you will pay the lowest price.

    For more information, contact your local Sharp Energy office, or download our printable brochure here.

    Yes! Enroll me in Sharp’s Pro Cap Plan!

  • Easy Pay Budget PlanOpen or Close

    To help you with your winter energy bills, Sharp Energy offers the Easy Pay Plan. Easy Pay averages your 12 months of energy costs over 11 months with a 12th payment that will realign your account for the next heating season. We will review periodically your account during the winter to ensure you that your Easy Pay amount is adequate

    Online Easy Pay Application
    To become an Easy Pay Plan customer, complete this form, submit it, and your local district Customer Service Representative will contact you.

    Easy Pay payments are due by the 15th of each month. All monthly payments must be made to remain on the Easy Pay Program.

    For additional information, please download our printable brochure here

    Yes! Enroll me in Sharp’s 12-month Easy Pay Plan!

  • Delivery Reliability & Same Day Emergency ServiceOpen or Close

    Delivery Reliability
    Automatic Delivery is a helpful tool, but to avoid running out during periods of high consumption you should monitor your tank gauge and call us when your tank gets near 20 percent, or in the event of equipment failure.

    You may have heard your Sharp Energy representatives discussing “heating degree days.” A heating degree day is a measure of the coldness of the weather experienced, based on the extent to which the daily mean temperature falls below a benchmark temperature, usually 65 degrees F.

    Degree day measurements help the professionals at Sharp Energy do a better job of ensuring timely propane gas deliveries. Obviously, the colder the degree day, the more propane gas our customers are likely to use. By paying attention to the degree days, we can better determine how often propane tanks need to be filled.

    Sharp Energy provides “automatic delivery” to our customers, meaning that based on heating degree days and historical usage, we can usually determine in advance when you need a propane delivery.

    Same Day Emergency Service
    Your family’s comfort is a top priority to us. Therefore, if you use Sharp Energy propane as your primary heating or hot water heating system, we will respond, in most cases, to your emergency within 24 hours.

  • Payment Assistance ProgramOpen or Close

    Our Sharing Program helps our customers who may need assistance with their gas heating bills. If you are elderly, disabled or live on a fixed income, Sharing may provide a grant toward your gas heating bill of up to $200 per calendar year. Click here to see more information about the Chesapeake Sharing Program. You may apply for this Company-sponsored program through the following offices:

    In Delaware:

    Catholic Charities
    1155 W. Walker Rd.
    Dover, DE 19904

    Catholic Charities
    406 S. Bedford St.
    Georgetown, DE 19947

    In Maryland (Wicomico, Somerset and Worcester County, MD):

    Shore Up
    520 Snow Hill Rd.
    Salisbury, MD 21801

    In Maryland (Dorchester County):

    Department of Social Services
    627 Race St.
    Cambridge, MD 21613
    Talbot County, MD

    Neighborhood Service Center
    126 Port St.
    Easton, MD 21601

    In Virginia:

    Eastern Shore Area Agency on Aging
    49 Market St.
    Onancock, VA 23417
    757.787.3532 x 17
    (Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 to 11 a.m.)

  • Customer Referral RewardOpen or Close

    Want to earn up to $50.00 of free propane? All you need to do is call your local Sharp Energy office and provide us with a name and phone number of a friend or family member whom you believe may want to become a Sharp Energy customer.

    Sharp Energy offers a “Customer Referral Reward” for any new heating customer you refer that signs up with Sharp Energy. You will receive $50.00 towards your propane purchases for every referral.   So have your friends and family call us today and get your “Customer Referral Reward.”

  • System Protection PlanOpen or Close

    We are pleased to offer you our System Protection Plan – an affordable plan no homeowner should be without.  With our System Protection Plan you get complete protection on any exterior propane gas line that is damaged. 

    • You can have a problem with the propane gas lines outside your home anytime, anywhere.
    • Repair of an outside gas line is most often the responsiblitlity of the homeowner.
    • If you have a problem, it could cost from $100 to $2,000 for the repair.
    • Buried gas lines can be attacked by chemicals, roots from nearby trees and can be cut by all types of lawn equipment.
    • Unexpected cold winter price spikes can negatively impact your household budget.

    For more information, contact your local Sharp Energy office, or download our brochure.

    Community Gas System Protection Plan 
    Residential System Protection Plan
    Customer Owned System Protection Plan

    Customers Who Own Their Tanks Are Responsible For The Upkeep And Protection Of The Container.

    If you currently own your underground propane tank or are considering purchasing an underground tank, you should be aware of your responsibilities regarding the safe operation and maintenance of your tank.

    By understanding your role in keeping your propane tank operating safely and efficiently, you can keep your family secure and enjoy all the benefits that propane delivers.

    To learn more about maintenance requirements download the  Underground Propane Tank Ownership brochure.

    Contact your local Sharp Energy office for any questions or concerns that you have.





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