“We’ve been leasing a 500 gallon propane tank for years with a different company. Along with the lease came higher propane costs. Long story short… we were finally able to purchase the tank from our previous propane company. Sharp Energy was referred to me by a couple of friends so I gave them a call.

I had the pleasure of meeting Richard S. from Sharp Energy who came out to assess the tank and send us a quote. During his assessment he discovered the tank did not meet industry standards. Fortunately, I had not purchase the tank at that point and was able to get the problem solved before I “bought it” as part of the purchase. Our propane company came out quickly to resolve the issue.

A recheck by Sharp found it was still not correct, again our company came out to address it again and again it failed. Richard sent a Sharp Tech out who identified a bad grounding site, cleaned it up, retested and this time passed in flying colors!

If Sharp is willing to do this before I’m a customer? I can’t wait to be one! The cost savings is almost staggering between what we were paying vs Sharps pricing. I’ve got nothing bad to say about our previous propane company, they’ve always been responsive and friendly, but it’s nice to know Sharp Energy is too, and at a lot less money!”