President’s Letter

Dear Current and Future Sharp Energy Customers:

Sharp Energy is an aspiring and caring company. We are a subsidiary of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation and one of the largest propane companies in the Mid-Atlantic Region, yet we offer the kind of personalized customer service you won’t often find with a company our size. We are proud to serve our customers from 10 customer service centers, conveniently located in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Southeast Pennsylvania, and managed and operated by your neighbors.

As a propane consumer, there are more than a few things you should expect from your propane company. Things like; are you treated like family, does your company offer customized solution to meet your specific needs, and are their prices competitive with the ability to keep the gas flowing, even on the coldest winter nights? Sharp Energy does all this and more. We are so sure you will find our service superior that we also offer a $50.00 referral reward for every new heating customer that you will refer to us.

In helping you get the lowest priced gas for your particular situation, Sharp has developed a Pro Cap Plan and a Smart Club. These are designed to cap or fix your winter propane prices so you can avoid costly price spikes, or to provide non-heating customers with an option that provides propane at our lowest residential cost. In addition to these price protection plans, Sharp also offers an Easy Pay budget plan, Direct Debit payment plans, and online billing to save even more money. You can call our local office for details and an analysis of which plan best suits your needs. Add to that Sharp’s Community Gas System technology for whole developments and I do not think you can find a superior propane company anywhere.

Sharp Energy’s Community Gas Systems provide the capability of serving an entire subdivision or business from a central fuel storage facility through underground gas mains, similar to a natural gas system. This eliminates the need for individual propane tanks which drastically reduces delivery truck traffic in the neighborhood. It also provides metered gas service so you pay for only what you use each month and at a price that is normally significantly below what individual tank customers pay. If you are looking to buy or build a new home, consider a development enhanced with a Sharp Energy Community Gas System. Our investment will continue to reap rewards for you and your family.

And finally, to our current customers, allow me to thank you for your business. To those of you considering doing business with Sharp Energy, I trust you will find us to be the superior propane provider in your area and we will constantly strive to remain so. I am looking forward to helping Sharp Energy serve your needs now and far into the future.

Welcome to the family!


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Bob Zola
President, Sharp Energy

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