November 22, 2013 | Milford, DE – Milford, Del.-based Kent-Sussex Industries Inc. (KSI) has teamed up with Sharp Energy and Alliance AutoGas to convert six of its transportation vans to propane autogas. The vehicles use the Prins bi-fuel autogas system. KSI, which specializes in rehabilitation and employment services for disabled individuals, says it was determined to find an alternative fuel that could help cut transportation costs.

Due to the ever-increasing cost of gasoline, KSI CEO B. Craig Couch was determined to find an alternative fuel that could help cut the cost on fuel expenses for the transportation KSI provides to those who have disabilities. KSI will save more than $1.50 per gallon, and propane autogas is a clean-burning, environmentally friendly alternative fuel. By reducing KSI’s vehicle fuel cost, KSI will be able to continue providing transportation, assessment, training, and employment services to approximately 290 individuals annually. KSI’s mission is to assist people with disabilities in the pursuit of their potential in employment and meaningful participation in their communities,

Sharp Energy recently installed an on-site refueling station featuring an Alliance AutoGas dispenser at the facility of KSI to fuel the vehicles used by the drivers. The infrastructure for propane autogas refueling is less expensive than that for any other alternative fuel. Alliance AutoGas is the preferred complete program to help fleets shift to the world’s most popular alternative fuel. Working with Sharp Energy and Alliance AutoGas to launch a successful autogas program is the easiest, most affordable way to reduce gasoline consumption.

The Alliance AutoGas nationwide network of partners includes propane companies, and certified conversion and equipment manufacturers that will convert and maintain autogas bi-fuel vehicles. Alliance AutoGas’ competitive financing programs enable fleet vehicle conversion at no upfront cost, a turn-key program.

KSI is currently seeking grant funding to convert more of its 48-vehicle fleet to propane autogas. To donate to KSI, contact Alicia Hollis, director of community relations at 302-422-4014, Ext. 3015 or [email protected].