Payment Options

Pay Online

We offer the convenience of paying your Sharp Energy bill, appliance purchases or service charges with your VISA, MasterCard or Discover credit card. Just click the “Pay Your Bill Online Today” button.

Direct Debit Payments

If you believe you have a problem with your bill, you have 10 days from the statement date to resolve any discrepancies. If you believe everything is okay, you do not need to do anything at all – your account will automatically be debited on or about the 15th of the month. It’s that easy. Your next statement will reflect your payment, just as if you paid by check. Your monthly bank statement will also show the amount deducted from your account and paid to us. To sign up for Direct Debit, contact your local Customer Service Representative or click here to download the application and mail it to Sharp Energy, PO Box 1553, Dover, DE 19903.

Mail Payment

Send a check made payable to “Sharp Energy” to:

Sharp Energy
P.O. Box 1553
Dover, DE 19903

Pay in Person

All of our offices can take credit card, cash or check payments, so look for the VISA, MasterCard or Discover logos displayed at the location nearest you.

Easy Pay Plan

To help you with your winter energy bills, Sharp Energy offers the Easy Pay Plan. Easy Pay averages your 12 months of energy costs over 11 months with a 12th payment that will realign your account for the next heating season. We will periodically review your account during the winter to ensure you that your Easy Pay amount is adequate. Not all charges are part of the Easy Pay Plan, Service Work and some program costs must be paid when billed.

Our Easy Pay Plan starts In June and ends in May. The Ideal time to sign up for the Easy Pay Plan is in May and June. As we progress into the heating season, the number of months for the plan is less and the monthly Easy Pay amount is higher because there are less months to pay your energy cost.

To be eligible for the Easy Pay Plan you must be on Automatic Delivery or be a Metered Customer, and your account balance must be zero.

Easy Pay payments are due by the 15th of each month. Every monthly Easy Pay Plan amount and any non-Easy Pay Plan charges must be paid every month in order to remain on the Easy Pay Plan Program. You will receive a monthly statement showing any charges to your account, any payments received since your last statement, and your current account balance. The statement will indicate the amount of your Easy Pay Plan that is due and any non-Easy Pay Plan charges that are due.

To become an Easy Pay Plan customer, complete the form, submit it, and your local district Customer Service Representative will contact you.

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