New Gas Home Projects

Are you buying, building or remodeling a home? Sharp Energy can serve your residential propane gas needs. Our trained sales representatives can assist you and your contractor with choosing gas appliances. We can also help with the installation of propane gas service. Each year, Sharp Energy helps several thousand residential sites add propane gas service. With over four million gallons of storage, we have the resources to provide propane gas to thousands of home across the Mid-Atlantic region.

Benefits of Using Propane Gas in Homes

As a general rule, propane appliances cost about half as much to use as electric appliances. Propane delivers sustainable energy performance that meets the modern day home’s needs. The performance is the number one reason most people choose propane.

There are multiple ways propane gas can be used in a home including heating the home, water heating, gas fireplaces, clothes drying and outdoor lighting. You can also use propane for barbecue grills, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and pool heaters.

Why Choose Sharp Energy for Residential Propane?

Sharp Energy has 12 offices in the Mid-Atlantic region with additional locations in the Carolinas and Florida totaling almost 30 locations. So no matter where you want to build or buy, there’s a location near you. Sharp Energy works with the finest builders and contractors to ensure that your propane gas is safely installed at your residence.

If you’re interested in using Sharp Energy as your propane provider, check for delivery in your area or contact us to learn more.