New Construction

You know there are many reasons to use propane for your new construction or remodeling projects. See how easy it is working with Sharp Energy.

The Sharp Edge

If you’re a builder or developer you need a reliable and economical source of temporary heat to keep your project on schedule, Sharp Energy can provide tanks or meters (CGS only) and we have Red Dragon heaters and other brands for purchase or rental.

On-Site Consultation

Sharp Energy sales representatives meet with your project manager and your heating equipment contractor right at the job site. We’ll discuss what you need for each building phase, from concrete pours, brick or masonry work, right through the interior finishing stage.

Sizing Up Your Job

We will carefully analyze your blueprints and job specifications so we can provide you with ample yet cost efficient heat. We will have a consultation at the site allowing us to calculate how many tanks you’ll need, along with tank capacity. Sharp Energy will also design the heater for placement and will install your equipment once it has been delivered to your site.

If you would like to schedule a consultation for your next project, please contact us and our Sharp Energy sales representative will reply to you.