Money-Saving Programs

Sharp Energy has developed several programs that can help meet your propane needs. We have designed the programs to help you receive the benefit of the lowest priced gas for your individual situation, we invite you to check out our money-saving programs below. You can call your local office for details and an analysis of which plan best suits your needs.

Learn how you can get free propane.
Want to earn up to $50 of free propane? Sharp Energy offers a “Customer Referral Reward” for any new customer you refer that signs up with Sharp Energy. You will receive $50 towards your propane purchases for every referral. So start referring your friends and family today by simply completing the form below.

This plan begins in June and settles up in May.
To help you with your winter energy bills, Sharp Energy offers the Easy Pay Plan. Easy Pay averages your 12 months of energy costs over 11 months with a 12th payment that will realign your account for the next heating season. We will review your account periodically during the winter to ensure you that your Easy Pay amount is on target.

Online Easy Pay Application
To become an Easy Pay Plan customer, complete the form below, submit it, and your local district customer service representative will contact you.

Easy Pay payments are due by the 15th of each month. All monthly payments must be made to remain on the Easy Pay Program.

Easy Pay Signup
Yes! Enroll me in Sharp Energy’s 12-month Easy Pay Plan!

Lock in your propane price when using more than 400 gallons.

Live comfortably and worry-free all year long with our ProCAP Price Protection Plan. ProCAP guarantees that your per-gallon price will never rise above the cap price, even when cold weather or other factors drive market prices up. Plus, if market prices drop below the cap price, you pay the lower price – we guarantee it! The ProCAP Price Protection Plan begins September 1 and runs through August 31. An annual enrollment fee ensures that you will pay the lowest price.

For more information, contact your local Sharp Energy office, or download our printable brochure here.

Get complete protection on your interior and exterior propane gas line that is damaged.

We are pleased to offer you our Sharp Protection 365 Plan – an affordable plan no homeowner should be without. With our Sharp Protection 365 Plan you get complete protection on any interior and exterior propane gas line that is damaged.

To learn more about Protection 365 Plan, please contact your local Sharp Energy office.

Underground Propane Tank Ownership
Customers who own their own tanks are responsible for the upkeep and protection of the container. If you currently own your underground propane tank or are considering purchasing an underground tank, you should be aware of your responsibilities regarding the safe operation and maintenance of your tank.

By understanding your role in keeping your propane tank operating safely and efficiently, you can keep your family secure and enjoy all the benefits that propane delivers.

To learn more about maintenance requirements, download the Underground Propane Tank Ownership brochure.

Contact your local Sharp Energy office for any questions or concerns that you have.

Lowest residential price using less than 399 gallons.

Has your propane usage been too low to take full advantage of Sharp Energy’s ProCAP Price Protection Plan? Smart Club is a program that allows you to cut your propane costs, too. Designed specifically for customers who heat their houses with a fuel other than propane, your Smart Club membership entitles you to the following benefits:

Smart Pricing — You’ll pay only Sharp Energy’s lowest residential price for all of your propane needs.
Price Security – You’ll know that as a Sharp Energy Smart Club member, you’re paying the very lowest residential price for your propane.
Automatic Delivery – You’ll never have to worry about running out!
Great Customer Service – Just as you expect from Sharp Energy.

The Sharp Energy Smart Club helps to protect you when the weather is cold and the prices are high. For just one annual fee (based on the size and number of propane tanks you have), you’ll receive all of your propane for one year at our lowest residential price. This is a significant discount from today’s retail propane price. To find out what your discount may be, call your local office today.

For additional information, contact your local Sharp Energy office, or download our printable brochure here.

No wonder we call it the SMART Club!