Protect your home with the Sharp Protection 365 Plan!

Get complete protection on your interior and exterior propane gas lines at just $150 per year.

Benefits of the Sharp 365 Protection Plan

  • Gas Line Protection. Our plan covers both the interior and exterior gas lines, ensuring you’re safeguarded against any potential damage or defects.
  • Appliance Leak Protection. We’ve got you covered! In the event of a leak on your gas appliances, our plan includes coverage for necessary repairs, keeping your appliances running efficiently.
  • Tank Monitoring. With our innovative remote access tank monitoring feature, you can easily keep track of your propane levels. Stay informed and avoid unexpected shortages.

Underground Propane Tank Ownership

Customers who own their own tanks are responsible for the upkeep and protection of the container. If you currently own your underground propane tank or are considering purchasing an underground tank, you should be aware of your responsibilities regarding the safe operation and maintenance of your tank.

By understanding your role in keeping your propane tank operating safely and efficiently, you can keep your family secure and enjoy all the benefits that propane delivers.

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